Advanced Physical Theatre, Devising & Performance courses Oct 2014 – June 2015

02 Body & Motion Theatre Scratch night 20125616 Body & Motion Theatre Scratch night 2012531

Advanced courses for performers and performing arts students

Winter intensive (Januery- March 2015):  Melodrama & Tragedy

Who is this for? The courses are designed for those with previous experience in physical theatre, actors, dancers, musicians, artists, students of performing arts or participants with any other relevant experience.  This is an opportunity to go deep into the work and discover more about physical theatre, devising and performance.

The Advanced courses will look at:

  Body & Motion Theatre Scratch night 2012

  • Movement work – Throughout the courses we will develop and widen our movement range and take it into our own creations using movement to create spaces, atmospheres and characters.
  • Improvisation – We will get to know more about physical theatre improvisation techniques and take it one step farther into our creation work and devising process.
  • Voice – Our voice is an integral part of the body and the work we do. We’ll go deeper into exploring and understanding more about our voice, words and texts based work and discovering the relationship between voice and body.
  • Theatre devising – Devising is an integral part of the work. Each participant individually and as a group will have the opertunity to discover more about their own theatrical language will be encourage to find the way he/she would like to work and create. Participants will create in groups and develop their own approach to the work, present their creations and get feedback.
  • Melodrama & Tragedy – On the winter intesive course we will dive into large spaces, big emotions and wonderful stories that are waiting to be told. We’ll meet the Chorus and Hero, which are central to Greek tragedy, and see how this work is extremely relevant today. This is not only a great opportunity to get to know these territories but an opportunity to discover new things about us as performers.


More Advansed courses comming up:

  • Comedia masks, creating and acting– This course will take us into the comical territories where the tragic exist as well but in a different way. Through the course we will create comedia masks , learn and discover how to work with the masks using the body voice and text and present our work.
  • Buffoon, comical characters & Clown

Read about last year’s annual programme (From Physical Theatre to Performance 2013-2014)

Booking, Dates & Times                                                                                                                Advanced Physical Theatre, Devising & Performance will take place in Cambridge between October 8th 2014 and June 10th 2015. Weekly sessions will be on Wednesdays during term time, 6.30 -9.30pm. An additional 2 full days per term will take place on Saturdays / Sundays (12.30-6.30/7pm). See full details below.

Participants will be able to book the Annual programme or each course individually based on availability.

Read more about the programme from the last annual course “From Physical Theatre To performance”- October -June 2013-2014. Information about the process & photos here.

For booking or any questions, contact me.


Dates and prices, annual programme 2* Concession prices are available for full time students
** The full day sessions on Sundays will be 12.30 – 7.00 pm
*Back to Oct-July 2014-2015 Programmes
*See Programme 1
*Students experience from previous courses & workshops

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