Physical Theatre Devising and Performance- Oct-Dec 2015

P10100984Boday and Motion Theatre50

 2015-2016 courses:

Our 2015-2016 courses  will take participates on a jeurney into the world of pysicla Theatre and performance through the year. Courses are open for experienced performers as well as complete beginners. Beginners would need to complete the first course to continue to the second and third during the year. Our courses :Physical theatre and character work, Melodrama & Tragedy and Comical territory’s- Comedy, Buffoon and clown.

October-November 2015 –Physical theatre and character work

Who is this for? This course is for participants with or without experience who would like go on a jeurney into the world of physical theatre.  movement and performance. It’s an opertunity  with a lot of playfulness and plenty of space for personal creativity.  After completing course 1 participants would be able to continue into the Physical Theatre Advance Course starting in January 2016.

Course  Overview

02 Body & Motion Theatre Scratch night 2012

  • Movement work & Movement analysis – Through the course we will discover more about our own movement and see what it can create in the space; Develop and widen our movement range and get to know the Lecoq 20 Movements.
  • Improvisation – Improvisation is an extremely important part of physical theatre. We will learn techniques, find our playfulness and see how we can use improvisation as a tool for ensemble work and theatre creation.
  • Voice – We will discover more about our own voice, widen our voice range and explore the relationship between the voice and the body.
  • Theatre devising – Throughout the course, students will get tools and explore the work in an ensemble. Students will have a lot of opportunities to create in groups and develop their own approach to the work, present it and get feedback.
  • From the Animal Kingdom to Characters – On the course , we will work with and get inspired by the animal kingdom. During the term we will discover what physical theatre character work is all about, bring the characters to life and present them.
  • Students own theatre creations & individual projects – Throughout the course, students will have ample opportunity to create their own theatre work and get feedback. At the end of each term we will have a presentation where we will share the work with students and guests.

Read about last year’s annual programme (From Physical Theatre to Performance)

Booking, Dates & Time

Whan: October 12th- November 30th 2015, Weekly sessions will be on Mondays 8pm-10pm.

Where: Ross street comunity centre, CB1 3BS.


* Concession prices are available for full time students

*Back to Oct-July 2014-2015 Programme 
*See Programme 2 
*Students experience from previous courses & workshops

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