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 תוכנית קורסים והסדנאות 2018-2019 בתל אביב

קורס יסודות התאטרון הפיזי ופרפורמנס-ינואר 2017

   דמויות בתאטרון הפיזי מרץ 2018

2018 מאי story telling בתאטרון הפיזי


סדנת מסכה נטראלית -דצמבר 2018

   ש*שיעורים אינדיבידואלים- עבודה אישית לשחקנים, רקדנים, מוזיקאים ויוצרים כמו גם מורים, מרצים ומנחים – ואלה שמתחילים את דרכם בעולם הבמה-פרטים נוספים או צרו קשר

 New physical theatre programme in Tel- Aviv coming up in October 2018           Physical Theatre, Movement & Performance  October-December 2018                                                               Neutral Mask workshop, December 2018

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photographer: Chris Lamb

 Physical Theatre Summer term programme in Cambridge April-June 2016:         

January- March 2016 term, Cambridge UK:

  • Details about our new physical theatre Cambridge ensemble- Body-Ko Theatre.
  • Student experience here.  
  • A  variety of workshops are available for amateur drama groups and organisations please contact me to find the right workshop for yours.
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Body & Motion Theatre, a physical theatre company founded and directed by Hadas SelbstBody & Motion Theatre aims to inspire unique movement-based theatre and installation work that bridges the gap between reall life issues and meaningful performance. Body & Motion is particularly focused on exploring the borders between theatre, dance and art-installation.

What is it all about?

The courses, workshops and individual sessions at Body and Motion Theatre invites you to go through a journey to discover and develop your own quality’s as a performer, creator, artist and in real life.

The aim is to bring back the joy in observing the world. We look at nature, animals, humans, music, paintings, architecture, poetry and each other and bring our interpretation and inspiration to the space. The work develops each individuals own theatrical and artistic language as well as devising skills and ensemble creation.

Participants are Performers, actors, dancers, singer, performance students, amateur and people with no performance experience at all.

Body and Motion Theatres programme:

Physical theatre for performance-evening course is especially  for those who are interested in developing as a performers and creators of theatre and performance, artists or those who would like to take a real journey of discovery and go deeper into the work.  In the courses we work with movement and voice, masks, physical theatre character work, story telling, Big spaces and emotions:Tragedy and Melodrama, Buffoon, Clown and a lot more.

Movement and Voice Improvisation lab-evening classes -The classes are for those who would like to discover more about their movement and voice and develop them. An hour  of  playfulness and joy of movement, ensemble creation and a lot of improvisation together and apart. Classes are open to everyone with or without experience.

Workshops are a great opportunity to get a taste of the work. Every term we will have a guest artists giving a workshop. This term our guest is Anat Messing Marcus who’s an interior architect. The workshop- Body. Self. Space will be a meeting between the two worlds, through movement, dialog, building, drawing and creating spaces together.

TheCompanyBody & Motion Theatre exists to create performance projects, and train professional and amateur performers in the marvels of physical theatre. Company founder and director, Hadas Selbst, is dedicated to producing accessible workshops, courses and  projects that bring  transformative and meaningful performances into the wider world.

A variety of courses and workshops are available for theatre companies / amateur drama groups and organisations please contact me for more details